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Provider Workshops

Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

December 2023 Diabetic Prevention Workshop

The Wyoming Medicaid Field Representatives are excited to announce the 4th quarter virtual workshops. These workshops will occur through the month of December 2023. The workshop will focus on billing Medicaid for the Diabetes Prevention Program, topics including:

  • Billing Guidelines and examples
  • Tools and resources
  • Live demonstrations in the provider portal
  • Question and answer session and more

Registration for this provider workshop is required for attendance. To Register for this workshop please:

  • Go to the October - December 2023 Provider Training Calendar
    • Clicking the above link will automatically download the calendar for the entire 4th quarter.
  • Scroll to December, you will see each available workshop listed.
    • Click the date and time you prefer.
  • Enter your contact information when prompted.
  • Once complete, a new window will populate to let you know you are registered and will provide instructions for the day of the workshop.

We look forward to seeing you!

Quick Reference Guides

835 Authorization

Adjustments and Voids

Claim Attachments

Claim Inquiry with Error Reason and Remark Codes

Creating New Profiles and Adding Users to the Provider Portal

Creating Templates

Entering and Monitoring Grievance and Appeals via the Provider Portal

Prior Authorization (PA) Inquiry

Member Eligibility, Code Reviews/Service Limits & Historical Claim Searches

Requesting an 835 Transaction for Clearinghouses and Billing Agents

Resetting Your Password and Updating Multifactor Authentication and Your Password

Retrieving Paper Remittance Advice